"Perfecting the Pack Between Mankind & Dog"​

​ ​​​- Always provide FREE initial consultations

- Serve all of Collin, Dallas, Rockwall and Denton counties

- Convenient at client's home/property training and behavior modification...100% mobile services

- Consultation and evaluation on dog breed/type/drive, matching to a client's personality and lifestyle. Assist in search (including animal shelters, rescue organizations, individuals and breeders) as well as ideal selection.  Too many times a person chooses a dog based on their appearance, not its energy level. This results in good family and good dog, but wrong compatibility. 

- Provide extensive client education 

- Basic Obedience Training 

- Extended Obedience Training

- Law Enforcement Seminars: "Understanding Fundamental Canine Behavior". This two-part education helps police officers learn real dog behavior, body language and expressions. Know when lethal force is absolutely necessary and when it's not, how to prevent liability issues within the department, providing the perfect techniques to protect not only themselves but their community as well. 

- Human Confidence Building: Overcoming Your Fear of Dogs  

- Pulling on a Leash - Leash Reactive Behavior

​- Barrier Training

- Separation Anxiety 

- Nutrition Consulting 

- Avoidance Issues - Lack of Confidence

- Noise Aversion

- Submissive or Exciteable Urination 

- Aggression Towards Humans 

- Fear Aggression 

- Territory Agression and/or Establishment 

- Excessive Jumping 

- Pack Structure Establishment 

- Destructive Behavior 

- Canine Confidence Building for Fearful Dogs

- Excessive Barking 

- Housetraining and Crate Training/Proper Introduction

- Biting 

- Aggression Towards Other Dogs (Dog/Dog Agressive)

- Food Aggression and Other Resource Guarding Behavioral Modification

- Service Dog Training for Mental Illnesses (such as PTSD, Severe Anxiety Disorders)

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